Our Philosophy

Bringing Vita’s passion for Italian food to life.
Vita means life in Italian!

All working together
to make life more delicious

We create & curate the flavours of Italy for fine food lovers around the world. Our innate understanding of the culture and cuisine of Italy enables us to bring only the finest and most authentic Italian flavours to the table. Our Vision is La Vita Deliziosa, a life made more delicious, sharing the beauty and the flavour of great Italian food. Each of our three complementary businesses contributes to our vision of La Vita Deliziosa.

Family harmony

It is only by working together as a true family that we can achieve our dream of enriching the lives of foodies the world over with Italy’s finest flavours. It’s vital that everyone in the business feels included in our vision. It’s not something that needs writing down, this is what we live by every single day – a shared vision that inspires everyone, an inclusive mission that everyone contributes to and actionable values that can be put into practice.