IMPORTERS of fine Italian foods

Imagine a business partner that could make your food business stronger by sourcing the best Italian foods and creating new recipes for you. Imagine a business partner highly skilled in consumer insight and logistical management.

To us, that sounds like the kind of beautiful working relationship we’re used to. Rondanini UK is an Italian food importer that works to bring the country’s finest flavours - think cured meats, cheeses, fresh and dry pasta, desserts and olive oils - to kitchens across Europe. Born in 1989, Rondanini UK was originally founded by Gianni and Dada Rondanini in collaboration with
the De Vito family to sell delicious charcuterie made in Milano by Rondanini. The growing interest in Italian food during the 1990’s led the company to expand its range beyond charcuterie to include fresh cheese, pasta and other amazing ingredients. When Gianni & Dada sold their stake in 2002, the De Vito family stayed on board. Since then they’ve never looked back, extending their importing to acquire other businesses including the majority share of Salvo1968. They’ve emerged as a vital player in the UK food market. That’s a pretty powerful legacy to leave behind, isn’t it?

We’re so much more than an importer. We’re your favourite Italian food partner.