What could you make with 3,000,000 kg of eggs, 5,000,000kg of O-OO Italian wheat flour, 8,500,000kg of durum wheat semolina, 300,000kg of potatoes, and 1,700,000 of ricotta cheese every year?
If you’re VoltanWay, you’d use it make 1.300.000 kg of filled pasta, potato dumplings, fresh sauces, ready meals, and unfilled pasta every week.
A company that follows local tradition with a global vision, Voltan was started in 1937 by Leandro Voltan. Having set up a small pasta laboratory in Venice, it was 22 years later when his became the first company to apply the pasteurisation process to pasta, extending its shelf life. So you can thank Leandro for giving us great-tasting pasta that stays fresh for so long.
Today the Voltan family comprises other major pasta brands, Giordani, Emma Giordani, Antica Pasteria di Milano, and Biorigin. Together they have 22 production lines, which include custom-tailored items, 500 fillings recipes, and an 80 ml € turnover.
Voltan is one of the world’s leading pasta producers. It is still family-owned.


Take several major UK retailers and important restaurant chains, mix in some branded or own-label foods and foodservice ingredients, and a super delivery service, and what have you got?
A beautiful working relationship, that’s what.
Rondanini UK is an Italian food importer that works to bring the country’s finest flavours – think cured meats, cheeses, fresh and dry pasta, and olive oils – to kitchens across Europe.
Born out of its parent company, Rondanini, in 1989, this was started by Gianni Rondanini and his wife Dada, who had an idea to sell delicious charcuterie made in Milano. Not long after that, there was a boom of interest in Italian food in the UK, so they decided to export their wares in partnership with the De Vito family, who had expertise in the UK food market. While Gianni later sold his stake, the De Vito family stayed on board, eventually asking Italfresco, a leading Italian importer of fresh and ambient pasta, to join the fun. Since then, they’ve never looked back, extending their importing work to acquire cafes, a partnership with a UK coffee brand, Caffe Fratelli, and, in 2011, the majority share of Salvo1968 (see above). They’ve emerged as a vital player in the UK food market.
That’s a pretty powerful legacy for one husband-and-wife team to leave behind, isn’t it?


Can you name the number one Italian online wholesaler?
We’ll help you. It’s Salvo1968, so-named after the year that Salvatore Cumbo set up his small business in North London bringing the best Mediterranean products to the city’s Italian eateries.
Several years and many warehouse improvements later, Salvatore, alongside his two brothers, his son-in-law and his two daughters, have built up Salvo to make it a highly respected business supplying major restaurants, hotels and café groups.
Since 2011 it’s been majority-owned by our favourite Italian food importer, Rondanini UK. Only two years after that, it became the first Italian wholesaler to launch an online shopping platform, showcasing its entire range of products at the best prices. This same e-commerce site also gives its customers the chance to benefit from monthly special offers, and from top-of-the-range software, enabling them to order things quickly and easily.
Salvo is a continuously evolving business that endures because of its passion and commitment to provide the highest quality products to you, its customers.
It’s not number one for nothing.